New Journey

Lake Kawaguchi, Japan, 2 September 2016

This September I’m officially unemployed. Quitting a job that granted me stable income and careers prospect to pursue a PhD in a foreign country was a difficult decision which some might deem unwise. Voices, internal and external, have been warning me against such a decision.

‘You could stay and earn enough to buy a flat soon!’

‘It’s a shame to give up what you’ve established here. You could have good prospect if you stay.’

‘There’s no guarantee that you can earn as much as you do now after your PhD.’

I well understand that these are all true. Yet, I’m proud, with a mix of anxiety and excitement, to have made this decision, leaving the path of certainty and taking the one less travelled by, with the hope of seeing scenery unavailable to me previously.

This blog will be a record of my footprints on this new path, sharing my new life and thoughts as a PhD student in Glasgow.

Ten more days before I physically embark on the journey… Should start packing soon.

Author: Aaron Y.K. Chan

Aaron Chan is a Hongkonger who loves literature and his city. He is going to resume his career as a teacher of English Language and Literature in English in the coming school year. Perhaps teaching is his true calling after all.

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